Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Update in Pictures

Some pictures I like of Z from her first 4 1/2 weeks of life...

Z chillin' we did not pose her like this or lace her fingers together...all Miss Priss' doing.

Adam and Z talking some things over

Friends (she always sleeps with her little hand like that)

Kirk and Zip

Shannon knit Z and Irene matching hats

Its unclear whether she liked it or not (poor Z...she is only like 4 days old:) (are those my hands or what?)

Auntie Angie and Z

Our Memphis Thanksgiving

Our little family

Z doing some serious thinking in the hospital

Daddy and Daughter

Zipporah has the biggest eyes and when you take pictures they get even bigger...we call this "Zipporah sees the devil"

"Zipporah modeling"

Adam and I at the Reach Christmas party...we never take pics together...

Me taking pictures of Shannon taking pictures of Z in a gift box...I will post the pictures she took later, but for now I better go feed and bathe little Z. I am sure I wont blog before Christmas, so I hope its a good one for you all!

Til Later,


The Hunters said...

let me again be the first to comment...not that I'm stalking your blog or anything waiting for these pictures! :)
she is beautiful, precious, tiny, and perfectly your daughter! Thanks for updating us on your sweet family. Merry Christmas!

Kryssy said...

what a perfect little baby!!! =)
Those are really great pictures! Thanks for sharing them and Merry Christmas to you too. =)

Summer said...

is that really what you look like after giving birth?! Jesus has been good to you genetically girl!

I love Zip and those big eyes. Can't wait to get my hands on her!!!

heatherltrotter said...

These pictures are HILARIOUS and cute! LOVE the one with her and Irene in the hats...they have no idea that they are going to be best friends (or at least Z doesn't...Irene appears to think so!) :) Good times!

Andrea said...


These pictures are awesome! Z is so tiny and sweet. You and Adam look so happy, too. I hope all the goodness keeps on rolling your way. Are you healed up? How are you feeling? How is Z doing, besides being uber cute? :) Well, take care chica and have a wonderful Christmas. KIsses

Hayley B said...

oh my goodness she is sooooo CUTE!!!! I think your header looks good, but what I normally do after I publish it I go and save it as a jpeg and then I upload it on my blogger as an image. I don't ever have to change the size on it.

Bre said...

She's gorgeous! Congratulations!

Jess said...

Hi Dawntoya--
I just did a search for "Dawntoya picture" and this blog came up. I'm assuming, since you've got a picture of your precious little one meeting LeCrae, that you're the singer on "Beautiful Feet"... if so, wow. I love the song. Also- I was wondering if I could feature one of these pictures on my blog when I do a post about that song? You could e-mail me @, or I can just check back here.

Thanks so much!

And-- p.s.-- congratulations on your little girl. SO precious... and being a mom is such a sweet, sweet gift.